Michael Flynn Seeks To Withdraw Guilty Plea, Accuses Prosecutors Of ‘Retaliation’ - dailycaller.com

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...Former national security adviser Michael Flynn filed a court motion Tuesday seeking to withdraw his guilty plea in a case that originated with the special counsel's investigation.

...Flynn's legal team accused prosecutors of acting in "Bad faith" and out of "Vindictiveness" when they recommended in a court filing on Jan. 7 that Flynn receive up to six months in prison in his case.

...Flynn pleaded guilty on Dec. 1, 2017 to making false statements during a Jan. 24, 2017 meeting with FBI agents regarding his interactions with Sergey Kislyak, who served at the time as Russia's ambassador to the U.S. Prosecutors recommended in December 2018 that Flynn receive a sentence of probation with no jail time because of "Substantial" assistance he provided the special counsel's team.

...Prosecutors said in their court filing last week that they were revising the sentencing recommendation because Flynn did not complete his cooperation in the Rafiekian case.

..."The prosecution has shown abject bad faith in pure retaliation against Mr. Flynn since he retained new counsel," Flynn's lawyers said in the court filing.

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