GORDON: Releasing Mueller Witness Testimonies Is A Major Violation Of Civil Liberties - dailycaller.com

Excerpts from article:

...If last year's release of the 448-page Mueller Report on Russian interference in the 2016 election wasn't big enough of a civil liberties violation against President Trump and dozens of associates for all its character assassination in search of crimes, the monthly sequels of witness interview summaries are even worse.

...Second, in my role as the campaign's national security representative, I properly notified him and a second senior campaign colleague who was also a long-time Congressional staffer about a proposed amendment to arm Ukraine because it seriously conflicted with Trump's policy statements.

...Notably absent from both the Mueller Report and Mashburn testimony was that by Summer 2017, the Special Counsel had two campaign internal memos, a draft and a final, describing the events surrounding the GOP Platform Russia-Ukraine issue.

...Hoff's phone call with a Washington Post columnist to complain about failed LGBT amendments to the GOP Platform like she did with other reporters wound its way to the infamously wrong headline, "Trump Campaign Guts GOP Platform on Ukraine." Though the headline was eventually corrected, that false narrative which started the whole platform change hoax was incorporated into the Steele Dossier, thereby torching innocent people for years.

...Attorney General Barr should immediately seek to halt further releases of Mueller testimonies and end this massive violation of civil liberties.

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