Bernie Leads President Trump by Double Digits in Hypothetical General Election Poll -

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...Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has doubled his lead over President Donald Trump in a hypothetical general election match-up, according to new polling from Morning Consult.

...The latest data, which was drawn from surveys of more than 40,000 registered voters from January 6 to 12, showed Sanders beating Trump by 4 percentage points, up from a previous 2 percent lead, at 46 percent compared to the president's 42 percent.

...Although Biden still performs slightly better-46 percent compared to 41 percent for Trump-Morning Consult noted that Sanders outperformed Biden among independents and young voters, or those 18 to 29 years old.

...While 71 percent of respondents said they have a favorable opinion of Biden, 76 percent said the same of Sanders.

...In New Hampshire, a poll conducted by CBS News and YouGov from December 27 to January 3 showed Sanders in the lead with 27 percent support, followed by Biden at 25 percent.

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