‘This Is Us’ Star Mandy Moore Stumps for Pete Buttigieg: 'Our Country Is in Crisis' Under Trump - www.breitbart.com

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...Actress Mandy Moore warned Pete Buttigieg supporters in Iowa on Monday that America was in a "Crisis" and that the former South Bend Mayor was the best candidate to take on President Trump in November.

...The This Is Us star appeared in Ames, Iowa, to introduce Pete Buttigieg, telling voters she wore "Weather appropriate heels" for the event.

...Moore described Buttigieg as a "Brilliant, plain-spoken millennial" that spoke a half a dozen languages and played the piano and the didgeridoo.

...Mandy Moore said she followed Buttigieg's failed campaign for Democrat National Committee chair in 2017 and was soon "Blown away" by one of his speeches.

...The Midway star said that Buttigieg stood out in similar ways as a great candidate for president.

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