Democrats’ 2020 race is a lot like 2004 — but worse -

Excerpts from article:

...Biden's foreign-policy experience and relative hawkishness reinforce support from moderate voters, while Sanders' long record of dovishness helps him among more progressive voters.

...A new Washington Post-Ipsos poll has Biden capturing 48 percent of black votes, and 57 percent of black voters say the thing they are looking for most in a candidate is the ability to beat Trump.

...These "Issues" voters skew younger, which might partially explain why Sanders comes in second among black voters, with 20 percent.

...It's largely forgotten now, but Kerry won the early contests not because voters liked him best, but because they thought other voters would prefer him down the road. "There were a lot of people out there who really liked Gov. Dean's message of standing up to the ­Republicans and President Bush and his strong antiwar stance," Gordon Fischer, the Iowa Democratic Party chairman in 2004, told New York magazine, "But they ultimately felt that Sen. Kerry was close enough to those principles and was more electable in 2004. They chose their head over their heart."

...Kerry beat Dean 4 to 1 among voters whose top motivation was selecting a candidate who could "Defeat George W. Bush in November." Kerry and Dean were even among voters who picked their candidate because "He agrees with you on the major issues." And Kerry's early successes helped fuel the electability argument in later contests.

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