Sanders Attacks Biden's Record Hours Ahead of Democrat Debate -

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...Sen. Bernie Sanders put Joe Biden on defense hours ahead of Tuesday's Democrat debate, blasting the former vice president's record and doubting his ability to defeat President Trump.

...When you look at my record vs. Joe Biden's record, I just don't think that Biden's record is going to bring forth the energy that we need to defeat Trump.

..."During a recent CNN appearance, Bernie Sanders made four powerful assertions that may have shocked many people. So we are deciding to fact check Bernie's claims and see if they stand up to scrutiny," Sirota said.

..."Joe Biden voted for the disastrous trade agreements like NAFTA and Permanent Normal Trade Relations With China, which cost us millions of jobs."

...Sanders is currently in the middle of a bubbling controversy with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who claims Sanders told her during a private meeting in 2018 that a woman could not win the presidency.

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