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Excerpts from article:

...An 18-year old has become the UK's youngest qualified commercial pilot - after his mom sold the family home to help fund his dreams.

...Van Beek, from Preston, London, is now the UK's youngest licensed commercial aviator - a record previously held by Luke Elsworth, who became a pilot at 19.

...One of 14 students, the teen sat through 14 exams, alternating between learning theory and practical flying at Kavala International Airport every three months.

..."For years I have told him that as long as he has faith and believes in himself, he will be able to achieve anything he sets his mind to. To think he's the youngest licensed commercial pilot in the UK - it blows me away."

...The Civil Aviation Authority said the youngest qualified pilots from 2018 were two 21-year-old males - three years Van Beek's senior.

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