Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Is Telling Key Supporters To De-Escalate From The Fight With Bernie Sanders - www.buzzfeednews.com

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...CLIVE, Iowa - Elizabeth Warren's campaign is telling key online supporters that their "Goal is de-escalation" and warning backers not to accuse Bernie Sanders of sexism, signaling a desire to move on from a story that has driven a rift between two longtime allies, and within the progressive community, over questions of gender and electability.

...On Monday night, about five minutes after Warren issued a statement confirming that she remembers Sanders telling her in a private meeting he didn't believe a woman could win in 2020, one of Warren's campaign officials advised supporters in a large pro-Warren group chat on Twitter that their next step would be to dial back the confrontation.

...The next morning, hours before Warren and Sanders were expected to address the conflict in Des Moines at Tuesday's Democratic debate, the campaign official followed up to caution supporters against accusing Sanders of sexism, saying that the line of questioning would be "Really bad news for us."

...Warren characterized the private December 2018 meeting in her statement as a simple exchange: "I thought a woman could win; he disagreed." Sanders and his advisers have repeatedly said this account is false and that he only pointed out Trump would use gender against a woman candidate.

...In Washington, progressive leaders who admire both Warren and Sanders as icons in their movement made public appeals for the two to stop fighting.

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