For First Time in 26 Years, All U.S. Metros Enjoyed Income Gains -

Excerpts from article:

...Americans in every U.S. metropolitan area experienced economic prosperity in 2018, according to a recent report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

...For the first time in 26 years, no metro area saw per-capita incomes fall that year - the latest available data - and it was only the fourth time since 1970 that every U.S. urban region experienced prosperity.

...Americans in fewer than 6% of metropolitan areas have experienced uninterpreted gains in personal income since 1970.

...In contrast, as the country began to recover from the Great Recession in 2009, residents of 84% of metro areas saw incomes decline.

...A large number of areas saw significant decreases in 2013 and to a lesser extent in 2016.Metros that haven't experienced per-capita income drops in recent years include Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh.

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