Report: Soleimani was a target since June 2019 after Iran shot down a U.S. drone -

Excerpts from article:

...According to a new report, the fatal U.S. air strike on the Iranian Gen. Qasam Soleimani may have been months in the making.

...NBC recently quoted several White House sources who said President Trump recognized Soleimani as a target after the downing of a U.S. Intelligence drone by Iranian forces back in June of last year.

...Days later, the president gave the final 'green light' to launch the attack on Soleimani and admitted it should have happened much earlier.

..."In recent days, he was planning new attacks on American targets, but we stopped him," said President Trump.

...Since the NBC report, the president has responded to continued claims by Democrats, who doubt the existence of an "Imminent threat," by saying Soleimani's history was enough to warrant military action regardless of any direct threat.

Submitted 204 days ago

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