Republicans face reckoning on impeachment witnesses -

Excerpts from article:

...Republican Sen. Rand Paul offered a warning to his colleagues as they began debating whether to hear from witnesses like John Bolton in President Donald Trump's imminent impeachment trial.

...The GOP has tried to stay focused on its game plan to shut down Democratic hopes of locking in witnesses at the outset of the trial, but it's become increasingly clear the party will face an internal reckoning during the trial as it defends its Senate majority and faces a president who demands complete loyalty.

...Republicans are preparing a resolution establishing trial rules that would punt those decisions until after hearing the opening arguments from House impeachment managers and Trump's attorneys.

...McConnell has to balance his approach to the Trump trial between GOP hard-liners who want an immediate vote to dismiss the case and his more moderate members, such as Collins, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Mitt Romney of Utah, who want to retain the ability to call witnesses for additional evidence.

...It's easy to see the witness debate spiraling out of control with senators seeking controversial witnesses that neither party wants to consider, absent some sort of broader agreement on the second phase of the trial.

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