Bernie Reportedly Privately Told Warren Women Can’t Win in 2018 -

Excerpts from article:

...(CNN) The stakes were high when Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren met at Warren's apartment in Washington, DC, one evening in December 2018 .

...They also discussed how to best take on President Donald Trump, and Warren laid out two main reasons she believed she would be a strong candidate: She could make a robust argument about the economy and earn broad support from female voters.

...Warren told Sanders she disagreed with his assessment that a woman could not win, three of the four sources said.

...Sanders denied the characterization of the meeting in a statement to CNN.

...These previously unreported details from the two senators' private meeting shed new light on the careful efforts that Warren and Sanders appear to have made to manage their friendship and political rivalry even before the 2020 race was officially underway.

...Many Democrats believe sexism played a role in Hillary Clinton's defeat in the 2016 general election, and voters say they are torn about whether to try again to put a woman in the White House in 2020.

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