Jefferson County, Kentucky: Teachers would get extra time to protest in Frankfort under union proposal -

Excerpts from article:

...Jefferson County teachers could protest in Frankfort for up to 10 days under a proposal from their union.

...If passed by the JCPS school board next Tuesday, teachers in the union could protest, meet with lawmakers or watch legislative hearings during the 2020 session without triggering a "Sickout."

...The Jefferson County Teachers Association reached a similar agreement with the district last year that would allow three teachers from every school to go to Frankfort on "Association leave."

...Last year, teachers called in sick en masse to head to Frankfort to protest scholarship tax credits and proposals changing the makeup of their pension board.

...Instead, much of the organizing - and avoidance of using the district-union approved leave days - was held by grassroots organizations of teachers and community activists.

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