Op-ed: Where’s that teacher who taught kids to behead people? - www.israelnationalnews.com

Excerpts from article:

...In early 2019, in Philadelphia, little Muslim children were taught to proclaim, "We will chop off their heads".

...The Philadelphia District Attorney could have used this to indict the anonymous teacher, for teaching Islamic children about beheading Jews.

...c. The teacher who taught the kids about beheading, may for all we know be teaching children in other cities - such as New York City.

...The Department of Education has to date refused to investigate the mystery person responsible for the beheading lesson in Philadelphia - because the name of the mystery person is still unknown.

...Thus for all we know, the person/s who taught the Islamic children in Philly to behead the Jews, may be teaching in NYC today.

Submitted 204 days ago

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