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...Bernie Sanders needs to lighten up on his Democratic opponents, or he risks damaging the party going into this year's election against President Trump, according to The Hill.

...According to those complaining, the 78-year-old Sanders will make it harder for Democrats to unify around a nominee after months of taking flack from their own side of the aisle - despite the fact that a Friday poll has him in the lead, and that his no-holds-barred approach may earn him the nomination.

..."He needs to stop," said one Democratic strategist who is unaffiliated with any candidates. "It's not helpful and it actually hurts the party. It’s like he didn't learn his lesson the last time. It’s incredibly short-sighted and terrible."

..."Joe Biden is a personal friend of mine, so I'm not here to, you know, to attack him, but my God, if you are, if you're a Donald Trump and got Biden having voted for the war in Iraq, Biden having voted for these terrible, in my view, trade agreements, Biden having voted for the bankruptcy bill. Trump will eat his lunch," said Sanders.

...Sanders has also unloaded on Democratic rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren, after giving campaign volunteers a script to tell potential voters that she was appealing primarily to upper-income Democrats and would not attract new voters to the party.

..."I don't see it any differently than Vice President Biden going after 'Medicare for All," said longtime Sanders ally Larry Cohen, chairman of Our Revolution - an organization which sprung from the 2016 Sanders campaign.

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