Twitter Removes Cringey Video of Prince Harry Pitching Meghan Markle To Disney CEO -

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...Twitter is apparently removing embarrassing footage of Prince Harry asking Disney CEO Bob Iger for a job for his wife Meghan Markle.

...The resurfaced video shows Harry pitching the Duchess of Sussex to Iger about a voiceover gig while Markle chats up music icons Jay-Z and Beyoncé during the "Lion King" premiere in London last July.

...Twitter removed this video of Prince Harry pitching Meghan Markle to Disney CEO Bob Iger for a voice-over gig.

..."You know she does voice-overs?" Harry tells Iger, who responds with, "Oh really? Ah". "Did you know that?" Harry asks.

...Harry then acts as Markle's agent, inquiring about a possible job for her at Disney.

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