Appeal court rules father must refer to teen daughter as ‘him’ -

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...VANCOUVER, British Columbia, January 10, 2020 - The British Columbia court of appeal ruled Friday that a 13-year-old girl was old enough to consent to testosterone shots despite her father's objections that his troubled daughter had been influenced by transgender advocates and did not understand the long-term consequences of her decision.

...The appeal ruling released January 10 also placed the father under a "Conduct order" effective until April that directs him to acknowledge his now 15-year-old daughter as a male, to use male pronouns when referring to her, and to call her by her chosen male name.

...Under a publication ban on any information that could identify the names of the parties, the father is referred to as "CD" and the daughter "AB.".

...The Court "Seems to overlook, or at least does not discuss, how significant an infringement of freedom of thought, belief, and expression it remains to order a father to refer to AB as male and to use male pronouns when speaking to AB and to all but a few close family members and friends," ARPA said in a Friday press release.

...CD, who is separated from his wife and who went to court last year to stop his daughter's transition, was appealing Superior Court justice Gregory Bowden's February 2019 ruling that his opposition to his daughter's transition constituted "Family violence."

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