Rand Paul: Obama did 'hundreds and hundreds of targeted killings' without asking Congress - www.washingtonexaminer.com

Excerpts from article:

...Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul accused former President Barack Obama of launching many military strikes without congressional approval following President Trump's ordered killing of a top Iranian general last week.

..."Well, you know this is not a new trend," Paul said on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, continuing, "President Obama did hundreds and hundreds of targeted killings without asking for permission. So I think presidents of both parties have been trying to usurp the authority."

...Paul did not cite any examples of Obama launching military action without congressional approval, but the Obama administration did order over 500 drone strikes during his presidency.

...Only Congress has the constitutional authority to declare war, though the president is not legally required to notify Congress before taking executive military action if an imminent threat could harm Americans.

..."Our Founding Fathers wanted it to remain in Congress and make it difficult to go to war," Paul said.

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