Revealed: McCabe Pushed to Highlight Trump 'Golden Shower' Rumor in Public Russia Report — and Comey Approved -

Excerpts from article:

...McCabe opposed a CIA compromise to only reference Steele's controversial dossier in an appendix of the ICA report, with McCabe arguing for it to be included in the body of the report where it would clearly get more attention.

...The IG report relates that the CIA did not want Steele's claims to be included at all, downgrading Steele's charges to "Internet rumor." Still, Comey and McCabe pushed for the wild anti-Trump claims to be part of the ICA assessment, which was ultimately made public.

...Now the IG report cites emails from Comey and McCabe as well as testimony from members of the intelligence community showing it was Comey and McCabe who lobbied for Steele's wild sexual claims about Trump to be part of the official ICA probe.

...Referring to McCabe as "Deputy director," the section chief wrote that McCabe wanted "Details like the potential compromising material, etc." to be included in the FBI's official submission to the intelligence community for material to be considered for the ICA report.

...That's when McCabe stepped in and strongly pushed for Steele's claims to be including in the body of the ICA report and not relegated to the appendix as part of a comprise with the CIA. "McCabe's view did not prevail," the IG report relates.

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