WikiHow Teaches Children how to ‘Get Vaccinated in Secret’ By Scheming Against ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ Parents Who May ‘Abuse’ Their Own Children -

Excerpts from article:

...The site now features a dangerous article that teaches children how to scheme against their own parents and stage fake cover stories to get vaccinated with toxic vaccines that even the U.S. government admits cause thousands of injuries, hospitalizations and even some deaths every year in America.

...Vaccine industry using Big Tech platforms to try to weaponize children against their own parents and function as subjects of the "Vaccine state".

...The blatant propaganda article by WikiHow blatantly seeks to turn children against their own parents while surrendering to the "Vaccine state" which systematically lies to the public about the safety or efficacy of vaccines.

..."You can keep your health choices to yourself, especially if they would be mean to you or make you feel unsafe as a result of your choices," once again implying that anti-vaxxer parents are somehow violent child abusers when, in reality, it's the vaccine industry that commits routine violence against children.

...Beware of any tech platform that surreptitiously pits children against their own parents while promoting the propaganda of the vaccine cartels and government "Authorities."

Submitted 206 days ago

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