Colorado police confiscate guns with red flag law one day after it took effect -

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...Colorado saw its first request to take guns away from a resident one day after the state's controversial 'red flag' law took effect.

...Some are skeptical of the new law due to its vague language, which allows weapons to be confiscated without criminal charges.

...While the law is still new, some have expressed concerns about the length of time weapons are held and the extremely high burden placed on respondents to restore their constitutional right.

...These laws encourage family members and law enforcement to petition a judge, which could end with an order to temporarily revoke a person's ability to possess firearms.

..."We obviously encourage people, who look at this law and look at what it allows, that if it is something that they think will make them safer, to go through the appropriate process with the courts to determine if that's what works best for them," stated Lt. John Koch of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

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